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About GuestPro

Commitment to Continuously Innovate Delivering Technology-Based Business Solutions

Tentang Kami

GuestPro believes that technology development should be enjoyed by all levels of entrepreneurs to maintain and develop their business. We believe that with technology, business actors can collaborate with each other to achieve maximum benefits for all parties. Upholding these principles, we are committed to continuing to innovate to provide solutions that are able to maintain and participate in becoming the locomotive of the development of the tourism business in Indonesia through the solutions we present based on technology.

GuestPro is here as an integrated technology solution for the complete cloud-based tourism industry to maintain and increase the efficiency and productivity of various business operations to technology solutions that can increase company revenues.

Tentang Kami
GuestPro is

GuestPro, which was founded in 2015, has transformed into a technology company that provides integrated technology solutions for the world of tourism. GuestPro provides the best cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to maintain efficiency and productivity of business operations, become a collaboration platform to spur business development for all sectors of tourism in Indonesia, from small to large, by utilizing the technology solutions we have built. .

Our Vision

We have a vision to become an integrated technology platform to maintain and develop 246 trillion rupiah of tourism foreign exchange potential so that every tourism industry player in Indonesia can enjoy it maximally.

#1 All in One Integrated Tourism Solution Platform in Indonesia

The Platform for the Work of the Nation's Children with a Commitment to Unceasing Innovation
GuestPro Cloud PMS

Ready Integrated Power

With GuestPro, all integrated solutions are faster, easier and more convenient

GuestPro Cloud PMS

Membantu setiap kegiatan operational anda, mencakup aplikasi front office, point of sale, logistic dan accounting. Menjadi aplikasi manajemen hotel terbaik untuk anda.

GuestPro Cloud POS

A complete, accurate, easy and convenient cloud-based restaurant software technology solution is the right choice to manage and improve your Restaurant business.

GuestPro Channel Manager

Menjadi solusi untuk meminimalisir over booking yang terjadi pada hotel, otomatis harga dan ketersediaan kamar ke OTA, sangat mudah dan tepat guna.

GuestPro Booking Engine

The GuestPro Booking Engine makes it easy for guests to check prices, availability and room reservations so that it becomes one of the mandatory weapons to increase direct bookings. Connect with Google Free Booking Links.

CRM & Marketing System

Solusi Check-in Online, CRM lengkap dari segmentasi pelanggan sampai menyediakan solusi pesan otomatis ke email atau whatsapp pada saat selesai booking, pre check-in, check-in atau check-out.

GuestPro Website Builder

GuestPro Website Builder makes it easy for hotels to provide an elegant, informative and SEO Friendly website for easy dissemination of information and promotion of your hotel.

Upsell Booking System

Booking System layanan tambahan seperti Spa, Transportasi, Restoran, Kegiatan, atau layanan lainnya kepada tamu tertentu, hal ini dapat memaksimalkan pendapatan Hotel dan meningkatkan pengalaman tamu.

Membership & Loyalty Program

Manjakan pelanggan anda dengan berbagai rewards menarik pada membership & loyalty program bagi pelangganan hotel anda.


Putu Surya Sudarmadi
Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

“Pada tahun 2025 Kami ingin menjadi bagian tak terpisahkan bagi puluhan ribu bisnis pariwisata untuk menjaga dan mengembangkan bisnis mereka”

Mengawali pengalaman usaha membuka usaha warnet dan digital agency sejak 2008 sampai akhirnya karir programmer professional di bidang core banking, Switching dan payment gateway platform di tahun 2011 sampai 2017. Putu Surya sudah pernah mengembangkan berbagai macam aplikasi web sampai core payment gateway dengan channel mobile, web dan desktop untuk salah satu bank swasta dan juga terjun ke operasional lapangan bisnis membawa Surya mempunya wawasan dan pengalaman yang kuat untuk bisa mengembangkan inovasi dan karya yang dihasilkan bisa bermanfaat baik untuk menjaga dan mengembangkan bisnis pengguna layanan GuestPro.

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Putu Wigatana
Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

"We continue to develop various kinds of innovative works of the best technology solutions that are easy to use for operational efficiency and productivity to business development for GuestPro service users"

Having a strong interest in electronics and robotics since college, Putu has built various businesses ranging from internet cafes to digital agencies since 2006 until finally a professional programmer career in the field of core joint finance at telkom sigma, point of sales and dozens of applications for the finance and tourism industry in 2009 to 2017 brought Putu Wigatana to have strong insight and experience to become a CTO who produces innovations and works with the latest technology that are produced that can be useful both for maintaining and developing the business of GuestPro service users.

Kadek Wisnu Sudarmadi
Co Founder

"Providing services that can be accessed stably for the continuity of business operations is our commitment"

Having a strong interest in electrical and robotics since SMA Kadek Wisnu together with Surya built various businesses ranging from internet cafes, hosting providers to digital agencies since 2009 until finally a professional system engineer career in banking and data center infrastructure has strong insight and experience to help build GuestPro infrastructure technology solutions to provide 24/7 continuous service for businesses.

Wayan Gde Rudy Artha
Co Founder

"We continue to research future technology combinations of SaaS, AI, Blockchain and IoT as the foundation for supporting future GuestPro service technology solutions"

Building a professional programmer career as a professional software engineer since 2008. An expert in the Java programming language, Experience developing switching for a private bank, with various protocols ISO8583, SOAP, XML and so on. Applications that have been made have been proven and tested to be used smoothly and with technological developments that are always updated bringing a controlled research culture to always be well implemented to the entire GuestPro technology team.

I Ketut Gede Wirya Jaya
Head of Data Technology

"Many businesses have a variety of rich data but cannot get information from it. We are here to commit to integrating and transforming data into valuable information for your business"

Having a strong career for more than 7 years at one of the largest private banks in Indonesia as a Core Loan team that processes millions of data every day brings Wirya to have strong insight and experience to become Head of Data Technology who can see the value of scattered data for produce useful information for your every business decision.

9 Pillars That Are Upheld

Values that have developed into corporate culture and guidelines for all GuestPro employees.

Customer First

Customers are always our priority with the trust that has been given We will always be committed to maintaining it by providing the best products and services for customers.


We always uphold honesty, ethics and trustworthiness for every aspect that grows into corporate culture.


Our team grows with the principle of being fully responsible for our decisions, actions, and results from what we do.


We grew up on the principle that respecting each other is as important as we respect ourselves in every aspect.


We believe that an extraordinary work can be produced by strong cooperation in every line. Every team is an important part in achieving a goal.


We try our best to maintain good relations with each of our partners with the belief that good collaboration is a strong foundation for success.

Highest Standard

We are constantly raising the bar and pushing ourselves and our team to provide the highest quality products and services.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

We have a strong principle to continue to learn along the way and always try to develop ourselves, and get down to direct practice taking part in trying new things.

Deliver Simple, Better and Cheaper

We always try to continue to innovate to produce works that are easy to use with the best quality in a timely manner but at an affordable price.