Concierge App

GuestPro Concierge App

Application for Guests for every tourism industry

GuestApp, Hotel Concierge App transforms hotel service access in the hands of your guests, providing the best unforgettable experience.

GuestApp is ready to transform easy access to hotel services without downloading the application from your guest's cellphone according to the language they use. The interface is made very user friendly so that it is easy to use, GuestApp is the right choice for your business development, providing a futuristic experience for your guests while increasing the possibility of sales transactions during their stay at the hotel.

GuestPro Concierge App

Online Check In is very Fast and Easy

GuestApp provides quick and easy access for your hotel guests to check in online anytime and anywhere from their mobile phone.

Guest Bill Payment directly from Guest Mobile

Provide easy access for guests to always update for information and bill payments from guest cellphones.

Easy access to food and beverage menu

Increase sales while guests stay with attractive and easy access to the menu of food, drinks, spa to laundry services provided by your hotel.

Multi-Language that brings an intimate impression

Guests will be very intimate and happy if they read information in their language, GuestApp can provide this luxury for your hotel.

Loyalty Program with Member Card and Reward

Make your hotel guests regular customers with a loyalty program bond in the form of a digital member card that can provide access to attractive rewards specifically for your hotel members.

Easy Chat Access on App

Communication is the key to excellent service, GuestApp provides integrated chat on an application that can be accessed from the guest's cellphone connected directly to your hotel service.
Market Connect

Market Connect a tourism industry collaboration for mutual benefit

For additional hotel income, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to sell various tourism products that can pamper your hotel guests provided by tourism actors around us on the Market Connect platform. Collaboration for mutual benefit and profit sharing will be a future trend for the sharing economy between tourism actors who are interconnected with a market connection platform.

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GuestPro Cloud PMS

Ready Integrated Power

With GuestPro, all integrated solutions are faster, easier and more convenient

GuestPro Cloud PMS

Helping your every operational activity, including front office, point of sale, logistics and accounting. Become the best hotel management application for you.

GuestPro Cloud POS

A complete, accurate, easy and convenient cloud-based restaurant software technology solution is the right choice to manage and improve your Restaurant business.

GuestPro Cloud Insight

Cloud Insight realizes data is an important pillar to grow your business. We process data in as much detail as possible and present it as easy as possible for you to understand for quick and appropriate business decisions.

GuestPro Channel Manager

Being a solution to minimize over-booking that occurs at hotels, automatically prices and room availability to OTA, very easy and effective.

GuestPro Website Builder

GuestPro Website Builder makes it easy for hotels to provide an elegant, informative and SEO Friendly website for easy dissemination of information and promotion of your hotel.

GuestPro Booking Engine

The GuestPro Booking Engine makes it easy for guests to check prices, availability and room reservations so that it becomes one of the mandatory weapons to increase direct bookings. Connect with Google Free Booking Links.

Market Connect

Market Connect gives hotels connected access and easily sells all tourist activities that can pamper guests and provide additional income for the hotel.


GuestApp by GuestPro makes it easy for guests to access hotel services from their mobile phones without the need to install an application, increasing the possibility of additional transactions while inside the hotel.


Tingkatkan pemesanan langsung, berikan pengalaman terbaik, dan tingkatkan transaksi tambahan selama Tamu menginap di hotel Anda dengan ekosistem teknologi masa kini.

Hotel Web Booking Engine

GuestPro Booking Engine memberikan kemudahan tamu melakukan cek harga, ketersedian dan pemesanan kamar sehingga menjadi salah satu senjata wajib untuk meningkatkan pemesanan langsung.

Google Free Booking Links

GuestPro siap membantu menampilkan harga dan ketersediaan kamar pada halaman google hotel yang akan menjadi sumber traffic yang besar untuk meningkatkan pemesanan langsung.

Website Builder

GuestPro Website Builder makes it easy for hotels to provide an elegant, informative and SEO Friendly website for easy dissemination of information and promotion of your hotel.


GuestApp by GuestPro memberikan kemudahan untuk tamu akses layanan hotel dari handphone mereka tanpa perlu instal aplikasi, memperbesar kemungkinan transaksi
tambahan ketika sudah didalam hotel.

Customer Relationship Management

GuestPro menyediakan modul CRM dengan berbagai macam fitur salah satunya loyalty program untuk tamu anda sehingga memperbesar peluang tamu datang kembali dan memesan secara langsung.

Market Connect

Market Connect memberikan ada akses terhubung dan menjual dengan mudah segala aktifitas wisata yang bisa memanjakan tamu dan memberi pendapatan tambahan untuk hotel.

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